Residential Softscape

Our Residential construction team has over 35 years of experience and has the expertise in completing a number of services to suit your needs.


Residential Sodding

Softscape services include:

  • Planting beds - design and installation
  • Topdressing and over seeding
  • Soil, mulch and gravel installation
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Tree and shrub pruning
Residential Softscape

Planting beds

If you need us to design or create a new planting bed or make an old one bigger we will be there to help. We will install premium garden soil and plant anything you like such as perennials, native shrubs and trees.

Residential Softscape

Tree and shrub pruning

We prune all kinds of small trees, shrubs and hedges.

Residential Softscape

Tree removal and stump grinding

We can help with removal of small to mid-size trees and shrubs. If you feel a tree is overgrown, dead or just out of place we can remove it with ease, just point and we will start the work.

Residential Softscape

Soil, mulch and gravel installation

We can clean up your property by installing new premium garden soil or mulch to existing beds. For difficult parts of your property, adding a decorative stone or riverstone can clean things up nicely.